The clients of the LAW OFFICE MARIA MARAI included among others

  • The first US joint venture in Hungary involved an investment of over USD 100 million.
  • A US-German consortium acquired a controlling interest in one of Hungary’s largest corporations.
  • US advertising and marketing ventures in Hungary.
  • The Hungarian subsidiary of a corporate global leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification.
  • US and German automakers’ Hungarian subsidiaries.
  • An Austrian – Japanese auto dealer.
  • The first foreign-owned bank to operate in Hungary.
  • A Fortune 500 corporation that began operations in Hungary.
  • An internationally recognized entertainment and media group with regard to Hungarian intellectual property issues, privatization, and investments in Hungary (over USD 700 million invested)
  • An Italian manufacturer in a consortium with four banks regarding the collection of debt.


  • A Manhattan residential cooperative in arbitration.
  • Represented beneficiaries at Surrogate’s Courts.
  • Rendered estate planning services.
  • Converted a not-for-profit entity from a social club to a tax-exempt, public charity, drafted documents of establishment for numerous for-profit and nonprofit corporations.
  • Investigated complex genealogical evidence in international estate matters.
  • Certified to obtain Individual Tax Identification Number for nonresident aliens; certified as an acceptance agent at the Internal Revenue Service.