These testimonials are actual comments provided by the clients of the LAW OFFICE MARIA MARAI

“As a real estate broker, Maria Marai assisted in choosing among prospective homes in New York City, she visited with us the most suitable ones and compiled the enormous set of documents. Due to our cooperation, we found a great, residential cooperative apartment at an affordable price. She did everything tirelessly, quickly and efficiently.”

Erika Landau, MD, MSc, FAAP

“I converted my business corporation into a not-for-profit corporation in 2018 with the legal assistance of the Law Office of Maria Marai. The advice of the Office was a great help to me. Her communication with me was easy to understand. I was very impressed of the way she managed the legal process. My matter was both professionally and personally well executed. She responded to my emails and calls within 4 hours.”

Barbara Bollok, President, Hungarian-American House Historical Collection, Inc.

“The attorney of the Law Office of Marai Maria Firm is knowledgeable and helpful. I understand her communication easily. She does not use with us legalese, but plain English and Hungarian. She is able to answer all of our questions. She represents us zealously in a complicated estates and trust matter, pending for 8 years. She coordinated the work of genealogists and other experts to prove the intricate net of beneficiaries up to three generations.”

Mr. Lehel Ferenczi, Representative of the Estate of Eugen K.